Nexus Card: Speed Up Cross-Border Travel


If you travel often between Canada and the USA, a NEXUS card might be of help to you. NEXUS is designed to help expedite the border clearance process for low-riskpre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States.
For $50 you get a card that is valid for three years. This allows you to take a special, dedicated lane at most border crossings.
We love driving by three long lanes of traffic and breezing through the Nexus lane into the US or visa versa.

Before being approved you need to submit the paperwork (online) and have a personal interview. We selected the Vancouver airport as location for our interview but there are various locations to chose from.

Once approved, you can use your card to drive across borders but also when you arrive at different airports. I love coming off a busy flight, and turning left at the long custom line-ups at YVR. You walk up to a machine, look into its iris scan recognition window, feed it your custom declaration card, and off you go. Welcome back to Canada!

Check out the official NEXUS website for all details and application forms:


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