Lilayi Elephant Orphanage

We have spent the past few days at Lilayi Elephant Orphanage. I am here to do research for an upcoming book. I kept pinching myself… After seeing the website so many times, after watching You Tube videos of elephant feedings, we are finally here – in real life and up close. It is heartwarming to see the small elephants frolicking, splashing in the mud, playing with each other and emptying their milk bottles in 10 seconds flat. The volunteers and caretakers are all dedicated to giving the best possible care to these little orphans.

To all of my friends who made a donation for the elephant orphanage: THANK YOU! We now saw the impact any amount of money has. It enables feedings and care and better chances of survival.
Next door, on the grounds of Lilayi Lodge, which donated the land to the orphanage, we took a 2.5 KM walk and spotted warthogs, monkeys, hartebeest, waterbucks, guinea fowl, zebra and giraffe. What an amazing experience to just hike and see these animals in the wild. I am pleasantly surprised at the lack of creepy animals, so far. No scorpions or deadly snakes like in Australia…
For three days in a row we visited the Elephant Orphanage and took lots of pictures for my future book. This is one of the main reasons why we came to Africa. Today we were lucky enough to be able to join the elephants for a forest walk. The trees are turning green in anticipation of the rain, which should come soon. Isn’t it amazing that the trees turn green BEFORE the rain comes?!
I also spent a lovely few hours at a craft market, just roaming around and drooling over African fabrics, quilts, bags, wood carving and jewelry. Love it.
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